noun the act of pleading or arguing in favor of something, such as a cause, idea or policy. 


Why does advocacy matter for interior designers

  • Legal recognition of the interior design profession
  • Largely misunderstood by much of the general public and many policymakers


Legal recognition of the interior design profession

  • Authorize a board to register Interior Designers who meet a minimum standard of competency based on education, examination (NCIDQ) and experience
  • Establish the legal title "Registered/Licensed/Certified Interior Designer"
  • Allow Registered/Licensed/Certified Interior Designers to stamp and seal drawings for the purpose of permitting
  • Institute bench marking and continued education requirements for Registered/Licensed/Certified Interior Designers

What you can do to support the interior design profession 

  • Help with a Capitol Day by:   
    • Accompany attendees to meetings with their legislators
    • Make sure lawmakers are hearing from interior designers who live in their districts
    • Help organize logistics of the day or assist in getting sponsors to help cut costs
  • Host a site visit
  • Host a lunch and learn
  • Respond to action alerts
  • Testify at a hearing
  • Fundraising
  •  Make sure you are familiar with the issues
  •  Ask other advocates to become involved!
  • Build a relationship with your legislator by:   
    • Calling/emailing/writing them
    • Meeting them in person
    • Meeting their staffer in-person
    • Following up with a call or email
    • Telling them your story
    • Attending town halls
    • Volunteering